With 30 plus years as leading contract packaging and supply chain solutions company, Quality Packaging Specialist International (QPSI), is a family-owned business that knows how to successfully develop and support diverse solutions. As a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE), our commitment to employing individuals of all backgrounds is the foundation for our thriving business. 

Innovative thinking starts with strong leadership that encompasses a range of education and expertise. Our goal, as industry experts, is to build up our employees as a part of our continued success. 

Innovation & Support

Our CEO, Mike Ricketts’ involvement at QPSI goes beyond traditional company management. He understands the success of the business comes from hiring and mentoring individuals who may have been excluded from the same opportunities. He has created an all-inclusive work environment that promotes achievement at all levels.

We understand that employees are the backbone of our company and we value all of their daily contributions. Instead of following the cookie-cutter path to success, we adopted unique strategies to operate and remain successful as a team. Like celebrating Employee Appreciation Day for a week instead of just one day, we understand that every small stride counts towards the bigger picture. 

We strive to share goods and services and build lasting relationships not only with our staff but also with our customers. We are dedicated to providing unbiased support, ensuring all are listened to, understood, and appreciated!

Promoting Equal Opportunities

At QPSI, we turn our years of experience into resources for other businesses. Providing support for meaningful change begins with inspiring other industries. Our goal is to harness their potential by investing in their visions and seeing them succeed.

Our team is here to help other minority businesses with all of their fulfillment and packaging needs. We can ensure high-quality services and a partnership dedicated to equal opportunities for all. Our services are perfect for those start-up companies who don’t know where to begin their packaging or fulfillment. Together, we can take a step forward in making a lasting impact on their venture. 

Bridging The Gap

As a leading minority-owned packing company specializing in contract packaging and fulfillment services, QPSI’s outreach reflects our visions of opportunity and diversity. Instead of staying on the sidelines, we are intentional about empowerment within our own business, by:

  • Sponsoring Families & Assisting Community Members
  • Supporting Our Employees With Valuable Business Education
  • Helping Other Companies Strengthen the Fundamentals of Their Operations
  • Providing Inspiration & Encouragement to Other Minority-Owned Businesses

Learn More About Our Mission Of Change With QPSI

Fulfilling our promise of promoting minority representation is only made possible by our caring team that shares in our vision of creating an impact. Behind the scenes at QPSI, we hope to lead by example and improve the operations of our partners. Contact us to get involved with our full range of packaging solutions and services today!