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Premium package design is more than just a pretty facade. Effectively designed and constructed packaging is vital for product protection, but its importance stretches beyond catching the consumers’ eye to seal a purchase.

The Full QPSI Design Spectrum

Clearly, “brilliant design” encompasses many things, including what a product package is made of, how it’s assembled, and how the design looks on the retail shelf. When it comes to designing packaging that stands out, it’s wise to consider just how important the first visual interaction with a brand can be.

No product stands alone, it is judged alongside competitors for visual and even emotional appeal that add to the potential value. A consumer’s purchase depends on factors that include artwork, colors, a contemporary, high-quality package graphic, and even undefined elements like the “wow” factor (which QPSI’s graphic design and branding services always strive to achieve).

Open-ended design support guides our partnerships at QPSI. With our collaborative brand packaging experts fulfilling your product vision, there are several ways we can integrate competitive advantages into your product model. When organizing a balanced plan for your product packaging, our brand packaging specialists will help you address key design and development considerations, such as:

  • How can we differentiate your brand from the rest?
  • Can we minimize your upfront packaging costs with an economical material type?
  • How can we help you create a more impactful visual experience?
  • Which packaging types will best protect your inventory?
  • Can we reduce your shipping and storage costs with a more compact packaging type?
  • Could your brand’s imagery benefit from a fresh graphic design?
  • How can we simplify your life with streamlined packaging and distribution processes?

We dive deep into these important subjects and help you define a concise plan of action for time, money, and stress savings every step of the way. As your turn-key design, development, and distribution allies, our versatile packaging pros take the guesswork out of every brand improvement project.

Why Brand Packaging is Important

A beautiful graphic design, a well-constructed package, and rising consumer engagement are only the beginning. Our skilled promotional packaging team will be there to help you fine-tune the style and performance of your packaging alongside ever-changing trends. Consumer interests, needs, and desires are constantly shifting; our flexible product design services make it significantly easier to recalibrate product appearance at a moment’s notice.

With our creative design suite, we strive to add long-term value to the fundamentals of your product line. Our imaginative team will help you explore bolder graphic designs, space-saving product dimensions, and a mix of premium design elements for a memorable finish that invites new and repeat engagement.

In addition to supporting your company’s ongoing brand relevance, our strategic promotional packaging solutions come with:

  • A wider variety of durable and eco-friendly packaging choices: Respect for your brand’s new-and-improved imagery is only paralleled by our respect for your budget and the planet.
  • Over 30 years of custom brand packaging experience: We can transform your dream product design into a breathtaking final product in less time. We also provide full-service product creation and implementation if you would like us to manage every detail on your behalf.
  • A friendly and accessible team who values you: Improving your brand packaging is personal at QPSI. When you have questions, design requests, or concerns, our solution-oriented professionals never hesitate to help.

Exceptional brand packaging paired with our adaptable design services equals cost savings and ease of product line updates whenever you need a quick redesign or have an exciting product rollout. Far beyond the initial design, our partners benefit from ongoing strategic support, up-to-date packaging insights, and many other symbiotic packaging solutions like kitting and bundling services to support your growing customer base.

Use Brand Packaging To Tell a Story & Encourage Consumer Engagement

Successful promotional packaging is like a well-designed recipe. When the elements are integrated correctly, the flavors are balanced, the appearance is enticing, and the recipe is a success. When your product packaging invites curiosity, embodies professionalism, and protects the valuable goods within, customers are naturally drawn to your products.

To create this balanced experience with every product design. Whether you need simple brand box packaging or an innovative endcap display, you can expect excellence with every creative element. From colorful theme design to 3D displays that transform your brand’s imagery, there are endless ways we can help you create a personal experience with your customers.

Recommendations for Effective Brand Packaging Design

Our best brand packaging solutions revolve around your preferences and operational goals. With your needs always in focus, we recommend:

  • Choosing a design that aligns with your company’s values
  • Selecting a packaging display design that protects your inventory
  • Adding secondary services such as shrink wrapping and bundling to enhance product integrity, convenience, and appeal.
  • Tracking results and modifying your packaging display designs as needed
  • Partnering with our agency to manage all of the above!

For other helpful material and graphic design recommendations, contact our design and development experts for promotional packaging that exceeds your expectations and leaves a lasting impression.

81% of people agree that package design can influence their gift selection.

According to Ipsos, most Americans (72%) agree that the design of a product’s packaging and the materials used to package a product (67%) often influence their purchase decisions. Package design is seen to be even more critical when buying a gift, with eight in ten people (81%) agreeing that packaging design can influence their gift selection.

With so much riding on brand and packaging design, top clients who want to win shelf wars often turn to a branding and packaging design agency that’s been around the block, nation, and world. For 30 years, QPSI has taken our clients to the next level and helped them stand above the competition.

Thoroughness and thoughtfulness in the package design and development process are two key reasons for selecting QPSI as your experienced branding and packaging agency. From the beginning of our package design services, we ensure construction is feasible, and assembly and execution proceed fast, all while maintaining the highest product quality.

Critical Elements of QPSI Premium Packaging Design and Development

Here is a myriad of factors that QPSI takes into consideration when it comes to packaging development and design. We make recommendations based on years of packaging expertise, but also welcome and need input from our customers to customize solutions that meet their unique challenges and opportunities.

  • Product Type
  • Product dimensions
  • Consumer demographics
  • Deadline
  • Shelf space, storage space, warehousing info
  • Packaging materials best suited to the product
  • Printing options
  • Coating choices
  • Finishes
  • Distribution preferences

How QPSI Packaging Optimizes Supply Chain Dynamics

In today’s global and eco-conscious marketplace, one factor stands out above all others when it comes to directly impacting the logistical chain and that is the packaging. QPSI provides superior product packaging with the opportunity to speed up package design, manufacturing, assembly, distribution, and warehousing. We streamline the packaging process while also fulfilling the desire for sustainability for our business and our customers.

These days, with all the discussion of problems in the supply chain, wouldn’t it provide peace of mind to deal with a company that masters problems and leverages retail opportunities with world-class packaging solutions?

How Can We Help?

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