Enjoy Healthy Savings by Letting QPSI Handle Your Complete Diagnostic Kitting Needs

If you have diagnostic kitting needs, QPSI can respond with high-quality, reliable, fast, flexible, and cost-effective, kitting services and solutions. QPSI is proud to offer the very best kitting and packaging solutions for several industries.

We can fulfill your requirements for customized collection and shipping kits that meet lab assay and specific testing compliance standards.  Best of all, QPSI can provide your complete solution with a combination of packaging, patient instructions, and labeling that meets strict testing protocols.

QPSI recently rose to the test by supplying 450,000 Covid-19 test kits in one 24-hour period.

We’ve been put to the kitting test recently during the Coronavirus pandemic. With expertise, quality, and speed, we were able to meet the challenge of assembling, packaging, and distributing 450,000 Covid-19 test kits in one 24-hour period. You can count on pure performance packaging from QPSI to manage and execute a diverse range of kits, including blood culture collection kits, DNA kits, specimen test kits, rapid antigen tests, and pregnancy test kits. Al-C tests and much more. Kits differ, but kitting clients can rest assured of the integrity of test results, which is so critically important to laboratories and the patients they serve.

We can help your company with Covid test kits, diagnostic kits for clinics, and other test kit solutions.

We’re proud of our legacy of over 30 years as a packaging industry leader and our ability to evolve and innovate to meet the standard and contemporary test kit needs.

Whether your kits require manual or automated assembly, we can accommodate your requirements with total operational efficiency and validated quality systems to ensure flawless execution. Our agility and flexibility, combined with an extensive level of operational experience, have put us in a position to react quickly to the volatility in demand in this space. The pandemic proved that our systems are set up to exceed expectations and increase the speed of Covid tests to the market while maintaining capability and consistency in the process.

At QPSI, there’s one more kit we want to mention – our kit for complete customer satisfaction in test specific collection kits. Our formula is simple and has been the mainstay of our success and growth for 30 years. It includes attention to every packaging detail and constant fulfillment of our promise to be of value to you if we’re fortunate enough to earn your trust and business.

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