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In recent years, customer expectations and capabilities of contract packaging suppliers have changed dramatically. With higher demands and increased shipping needs, you don’t want your customers to be forced into a second-choice product.

The Supply Chain Network for Experts and Leaders (called BVL )– noted in January of 2022, that “the nature of customer demand complexity is occurring in many forms.

“Product supply chains are becoming more complex, as organizations need to create more diverse sets of product options, packaging designs, and logistics arrangements to meet a sophisticated set of customer specifications. Customers are no longer willing to pay a premium for services, particularly logistics tracking and visibility capabilities. They expect enterprises to supply these as part of their ongoing service offering.”

Welcome to our world at QPSI where our global supply chain management company has anticipated, embraced, and evolved in all areas of service including supply chain management. Constant improvements and enhancements help us fulfill our promise of “on-time, on-spec, and on-budget” custom-packaging solutions.

Highly effective project management plays a key role in keeping us on track across the full spectrum of our operations and supply chain management: strategic sourcing, timeline management, package design, product assembly, delivery and logistics, and KPI metrics to drive continuous improvement.

Our Q-View proprietary tracking system for supply chain outsourcing keeps customers informed, in real-time, of the status during every step of the project. Customers receive:

  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Production Status Tracking
  • Product Receipt Tracking
  • Shipment Tracking

QPSI places great stock in key performance indicators that drive supply chain accountability for the safety, quality, and delivery reliability of sourced material from vendors.

In addition, our systematic use of personnel — made possible through our unique labor model — ensures a motivated and dedicated workforce who delivers pure performance from concept through execution.

Information Technology

Thanks to IT solutions, supply chain operations can be enhanced, helping to keep track of the myriad of organizations involved in the entire process. Benefits include:

  • Enabling visibility in real-time of what’s occurring and where it’s happening in the chain.
  • Facilitating data sharing with the use of EDI and API technologies to connect all organizations with a stake in market success.

What’s next? We continue to find innovative ways to increase productivity, reliability, delivery and total execution through expert operations and supply chain management. Nothing will bind us or reduce our ability to provide pure performance packaging to our customers.

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