QPSI Retail Product Packaging

At QPSI, we have an in-depth discovery process where we learn all we can about your business and unique product packaging challenges to customize a better, more cost-effective design, assembly, and delivery of your package.

We are always focused on improving supply chain dynamics and processes. We don’t accept bumps in the road (literally) when it comes to resource supply for swift, efficient assembly at our facilities and, smooth, fast, efficient retail product packaging and delivery to you.

QPSI Primary and Secondary Packaging Solutions

  • Bagging
  • Blistering
  • Blister Carding
  • Bundling
  • Cartoning (Automated)
  • Cartoning (Manual)
  • Cartoning (Semi – Automated)
  • Clamshells
  • Club Blister Cards
  • Flow Wrapping
  • Kitting
  • Labeling
  • OTC Solid Oral Dose Bottling
  • OTC Solid Oral Dose Blistering
  • OTC Solid Oral Dose Pouching
  • Over Wrapping
  • Pouching
  • Powder Sachet Filling
  • Powder Bottle Filling
  • Reworks
  • RF Sealing
  • Stand Up Pouching
  • Shrink Sleeving
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Stretch Carding

7 in 10 Consumers Agree Packaging Design Can Influence Purchasing Decisions

– Paper and Packaging Board

QPSI offers the benefit of longevity, vast experience, and accumulation of knowledge that only comes with decades in retail packaging services. Markets and technology have evolved over the years and we have been privileged to create innovations in retail packaging solutions that have provided our clients with a marketing edge. We can offer seamless and streamlined processes that speed packaging creation and reduce time to market for competitive placement on retailer shelves.

We constantly work toward on-demand packaging solutions. Global brands like the ones served at QPSI don’t want to play catch-up with competitors when it comes to sales and their bottom line. By responding to customer needs with speed, accuracy, and customized answers, QPSI helps No. 1 brands stay 1st in consumer minds.

“QPSI doesn’t sit on a request—they respond within hours”

– QPSI Customer

How The QPSI Process Unfolds

When evaluating your specific needs, our process considers a myriad of elements, including the type of product packaged; the quantity of your order (quantity never affects quality); your delivery timeframe; budget; product dimensions; types of product packaging and so much more.

A constant focus at QPSI is on the eco-friendliness of our packages. We want to protect our customer’s products with retail-ready packaging solutions and simultaneously protect the environment in which we all live. For QPSI, this means the use of the latest technologies to design and create the right-size packaging, which helps eliminate the need for void-fill materials. Our goal is to reduce box volume and consumption of plastics and other materials.

Count on QPSI for the complete package in retail product packaging solutions, including primary and secondary packaging, plus shelf-ready packaging. Contact us for retail product packing, contract packaging, supply chain management, and our other leading services.

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