Fulfilling our promise with diversity

Diversity in Our Workplace

When it comes to diversity and equal opportunity for jobs given to minorities, there are companies that take small steps to be able to check off legal requirements to qualify for government grants and other rewards. This comes at a time when small steps for man come up short when what’s needed in terms of diversity are giant leaps for humankind.

We won’t stake a claim to giant leaps, but we are proud to point out that our commitment runs far deeper than a check list. Since our beginning in 1992 as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE), we’ve done our best to develop and support a diverse solutions-based network focusing on:


Developing new products, services and solutions that have utility across a broad base of customers and social strata.


A constant QPSI goal is enabling customers and suppliers to drive new opportunities in existing and increasingly diverse markets.


We want to invest in those who devote their minds and hearts to making our organization stronger and our culture and relationships kind, familial and supportive.

  • Of our approximately 900 total employees, we are proud that we are 88.3% diverse.
  • 62% of our workforce is female.
  • We’ve been expanding, hiring and extending our hardworking family, adding many jobs over the last 3 years, pandemic and all. We recognize and value the contributions of our outstanding team.

Diversity in Everyday Work Life at QPSI

Something else we strive to make clear is that we do what we can to bridge the gap between the “haves and have nots” and we do that with financial donations to different charities and by helping employees participate in personal development programs: improving their educations, promoting financial literacy, wealth training, physical training and so much more.

At QPSI, we’re very supportive of giving people who’ve veered off the path a bit, a chance to find and build positive directions for what’s now and next. While the past can be constructive in terms of lessons learned, at QPSI we prefer to put more faith in tomorrow and let individuals who team with us construct a new and powerful future.

Let’s construct a powerful future together. We’d be honored to talk.

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Why Partner With a Diverse & Inclusive Packaging Company?

In today’s global marketplace, awareness of various cultures, experiences, and interests can position your brand for success. By taking steps to develop product packaging that is relatable and practical for a wider audience, your brand becomes synonymous with inclusivity, integrity, and value.

As a minority-owned company, we are driven to empower our partners and our communities with packaging solutions that embody this inclusive philosophy. Thanks to our team’s diverse cultural experiences, creative perspectives, and symbiotic relationships with manufacturing partners across the globe, our minority-owned company can help you:

  • Broaden market outreach with conscientious packaging solutions that captivate new audiences
  • Enrich your company’s reputation with manufacturing practices that reflect important values such as eco-friendly material use
  • Build meaningful connections with your clients through product design that is highly personalized for specific regions or demographics

When you partner with QPSI to optimize your packaging design, development, and distribution logistics, you become a part of the solution! When diversity and inclusivity remain a priority, maintaining a service model that’s in tune with the needs and desires of your customers can happen effortlessly.

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