Client appreciation for QPSI’s 

Pure Performance

Client appreciation for QPSI’s

Pure Performance

“I can rest assured that each consumer will have a positive experience with my product and my partner has an equal stake in that. They understand our desired customer experience as well as we do!”

Sr. Director, CPG

“We have a base business with QPSI where we issue a PO, our product requirements and in most instances, they deliver and require very little management from us.”

Supply Mgr, Pharma

“QPSI support us in product launches. We need their support if we come across a technical challenge. We always feel confident they have looked at the issue from all angles, drawn in their internal SME’s. They don’t just pass the problem back to us.”

Sr Mgr, Pharma

“We won’t get the call from them saying ‘this doesn’t work – we need your instructions’ – they will always try a, b, & c and run that by us, or at least come up with the options.”

Sr. Mgr, Pharma

“Really want to earn your trust and your business. If there’s anything they can do to support us, historically, they’ve demonstrated they will partner with us and do what’s right for our business.”

Sr Mgr, CPG

“More like a family environment than corporate. If I wanted to go there tomorrow, they are open doors. I really appreciate that level of transparency and flexibility…very collaborative.”

Sr Mgr, CPG

“They have exhibited technical strength. We also have a packaging team and if there’s an issue, based on what the QPSI tech team has already done, our person usually doesn’t need to do any more.”

Director Packaging Development, CPG

“When we’re at the assessment stage of a new project, the team at QPSI is exceptional. We send very high-level requirements and they turn it around within one day so we can finish our assessment…definitely an asset.”

Sr Mgr, Pharma

“If you have to do something a hundred thousand times, anyone can do that. But to have the skill to invent a solution and do it anew every month for a different problem is a unique quality.”

Mgr, Operations

“They don’t sit on a request – they respond within hours. They recognize the urgency and act appropriately.”

Sr Mgr, Pharma

“What I value is the integrity of response…the fact they will flat out tell you this won’t align with their business or will challenge them.”

Global Category Mgr, Pharma
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