QPSI Direct to Consumer (DTC) Product Fulfillment Services

Use Our Omni-channel Distribution to Capitalize on the $9 Trillion e-Commerce Market

Today, smart retail marketers are acutely aware of the power and revenue potential of e-commerce with online sales estimated at 9.09 trillion in 2019. With ever-increasing frequency, we are witnessing world-renown retail brands capitalizing on this opportunity. They’re adeptly sidestepping third-party retailers or wholesalers by having products shipped directly to their anxiously-waiting consumers.

In addition to e-commerce DTC, QPSI performs direct mail sampling for retailers who want to increase product exposure while reducing purchasing pressure.

QPSI welcomes and is happy to assist beginning, established, and transitioning DTC marketers. For years, we’ve offered QPSI omnichannel DTC distribution as a value-added service to our core contract packaging services business. We assist when DTC fits customer needs and our capabilities to fulfill and sustain our promise to provide pure performance packaging and excellence end-to-end.

Direct Mail Sampling and DTC

In addition to e-commerce DTC, QPSI performs direct mail sampling for retailers who want to leverage this long-time, highly successful marketing technique. It is recognized as a powerful motivator for trying a brand-new product or getting consumers to switch brands. Consider three primary benefits of Direct Mail Sampling:


Direct Mail Sampling increases exposure to products while reducing purchasing pressure. By delivering the product directly to consumers’ homes, customers can get a direct product experience for FREE!


According to the direct mail experts at SC360, “Direct Mail sampling is one of the most enticing ways to garner brand awareness and boost conversions.”


Direct mail sampling offers easy-tracking capabilities making it simple for retail marketers to know when the sample arrived. Again, SC360 notes that “Retailers can consider leveraging this data to generate an omni-channel campaign that includes triggered digital marketing touches such as a well-timed feedback request with direct links to the retailer’s website and social channels.” 


Sampling can boost brand loyalty. You can put the secrets of confirmation bias to work by mailing samples to existing consumers. You may be able to convert loyal customers into brand advocates.

QPSI’s Special DTC Capabilities

  • 30 years as a DTC solutions provider for local, national, and global customers.

  • All under-one-roof DTC services: the ability to do primary and secondary packaging and complete fulfillment.

  • Use of our massive, 370,000 sq. ft. Brand Experience Center. The BEC is a hub for the fulfillment of DTC elements ranging from ideation, design, package manufacturing, and assembly to delivery.

  • By consolidating all the services you need with one company, QPSI reduces touch points that can occur within the supply chain which can slow fulfillment and reduce customer satisfaction.

  • QPSI offers “out-of-the” box thinking when it comes to assuring an easy, “unboxing “experience for consumers.

  • We are committed deeply to sustainable solutions in the creation, protection, and delivery of DTC packages.

Consult with us: As experts in all aspects of DTC marketing, we’re also available to offer strategic advice on how to take advantage of the strengths and opportunities inherent in DTC, as well as help solve numerous DTC challenges.

System Integration to Streamline Fulfillment and Data Tracking

Shipping ease is also vitally important and QPSI simplifies and speeds the ordering process with advanced technological tools like EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and API (Application Processing Interface) to connect faster and more directly with our customers’ e-commerce site or internet landing page. By linking directly to customer computers, we can receive orders and provide tracking information in real-time.

Data sharing follows our QPSI marketing philosophy of “working better together.” We strongly believe in the power of a mutually beneficial relationship based on caring, trust, and respect.

At QPSI, Sustainable is Obtainable

High-quality packaging is always a fixed goal at QPSI, but that does not preclude giving special attention to eco-and-cost-friendly solutions for customers. These include strong containers made from PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) cardboard and PCR plastic. If the product permits, we can design source-reduced packaging. And there’s more:

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