A 30-Year Commitment: How Diversity Helps QPSI Fulfill our Promise

February marks Black History Month! As a black-owned business celebrating its 30th year, QPSI not only takes great pride in the legacy and achievement of the trailblazers before us, but we also work every day to keep those values alive and moving forward in our own communities.

We love that the contributions and achievements of Blacks are highlighted in the month of February, but for all of us QPSI, their leadership, sacrifice and relentless pursuit of excellence, serves as inspiration all year round. So upon reflection, we’re sharing how the immeasurable sacrifice and achievement of those before us has provided a roadmap and inspiration for our team at QPSI.

  • Taking Ownership.  Accountability to Ourselves and Each Other is one of our “One Q Guiding Principles.” It not only governs the quality of our work and the standard of our customer services, but it also serves as a reminder that our words and our actions matter. Every interaction we have has the ability to change the course of someone else’s day, and that power shouldn’t be taken lightly. So we make it a priority regularly to encourage reflection upon our personal agency and our individual behaviors and actions across our organization. Because no matter what our background or upbringing, we all deserve the respect, kindness, and support of others.
  • Putting Inclusion to Work. At QPSI, our commitment runs far deeper than a check-list. It’s infused in every single facet of our business — from ensuring the innovation in our designs that have utility across a broad social strata to investing in employees and partners from all types of backgrounds and cultures that share our core values. We make sure this responsibility to lead and engage is at the forefront of every aspect of our business strategy with diversity, equity, and inclusion as foundational elements.
  • Making it a Team Effort. While our commitment to diversity and inclusion starts with our own work culture internally, it doesn’t stop there. We believe to have the greatest impact, it truly is a team effort. In addition to building a team who is devoted to making our organization stronger and our connections to one another deeper, we include that same mentality in every transaction. Our goal is to enable our customers and suppliers to discover and drive new opportunities in increasingly diverse markets, so they can realize the true potential in their products and services in the lives of more people. And when we step away from the business talk, we encourage everyone to learn and appreciate the history, contribution, and achievement of Black Americans to the world. The more you know…
  • Visualizing the Road Ahead. We recognize the progress we’ve made, and as a black-owned business celebrating 30 years, we know what that has meant for us personally. But we also realize we still have a ways to go. That’s why diversity and social responsibility are so deeply rooted in our core here at QPSI — because we know building a more powerful tomorrow means fulfilling our promises today.

To learn more about QPSI’s commitment to diversity over the last 30 years, contact us today. We couldn’t be more proud of the strong and supportive culture we have created here and are excited about what the future holds.