The names have become all too familiar, Trayvon Martin.  Michael Brown.  Alton Sterling. Botham Jean. Atatiana Jefferson. Ahmaud Arbery.  George Floyd.

Inequity, injustice, or racism have no place in our society and cannot be tolerated.

These tragedies run counter to everything QPSI stands for. It is heartbreaking and tragic that in 2020, we still find ourselves still struggling with issues that are so core to human dignity.

At QPSI, we aspire to build better lives for all of us. It is critical that we continue to promote diverse employee population, recognizing that only by engaging with, and listening to people of all races, backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual orientations and abilities can we hope to truly understand and appreciate one another.

QPSI continues to be committed to developing and supporting solutions through innovation, promoting economic growth and caring for our diverse community:

I want to thank our employees for their support of our customers and one another in even the most difficult circumstances. You make us very proud.

We will continue to champion equality as we continue this journey together. Stay safe.

The Senior Executive Team, QPSI