The pharmaceutical industry requires many compliances to confirm that all their materials are safe. If you manage pharmaceutical products, you may produce over-the-counter medicines and goods. While these products have less regulation than prescription medications, there are still FDA standards for packaging. QPSI offers OTC packaging services to ensure that your products are packaged in compliance with industry standards.


Over-the-counter products are any products designated for sale on shelves rather than through a pharmacist. Due to FDA regulations, this packaging needs to have certain qualities to be legal for sale. Products like cosmetics, lotions, and medications all need to meet certain cleanliness and safety standards to ensure that the products are pure and safe for use.

Standard FDA regulations for OTC packaging include:

  • Warning and ingredient labels: All OTC products must have a full list of warnings and ingredients so that users know what to expect from the product.
  • Tamper-resistance: The FDA requires packaging to include a seal so that consumers can identify evidence of tampering.
  • Manufacturing information: Information like the name of the product’s manufacturer and their location must be added somewhere on the packaging.


At QPSI, we focus on providing industry-leading contract packaging to a variety of businesses. OTC packaging encompasses a range of packaging types based on the product. If you’re searching for this service, you’ll find that our capabilities include:

  • Vials: Typically glass or plastic, these containers can hold many different types of medication.
  • Blisters: This type of packaging uses a structured pocket of plastic to contain a unit or dose of medication. It’s often sealed with foil and enclosed in a box.
  • Bottles: Made from glass or plastic, bottles can hold solid or liquid products.
  • Pouches: Also known as a sachet, this flexible packaging uses paper, foil or other materials to contain medication.
  • Secondary Packaging: the protection and collation of individual units for transportation and distribution.
  • Retail Displays: Including point of purchase, end cap, and full in-store displays to help showcase your OTC product.

While our OTC packaging will meet FDA requirements for safety and cleanliness, we also have a thorough understanding of design and branding. We’ll work with you by creating 3D mock-ups and offering fast prototyping. When you rely on QPSI, you can expect safe, regulation packaging that will fit your company’s branding needs and encourage people to buy.


Our manufacturing procedures are highly regulated to ensure that our products are of the highest possible quality. We meet all IQ, OQ and PQ, so all of our equipment is verified by documentation gathered efficiently and as designated. We also meet all Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations. We’re FDA certified and QA audit-ready at all times. When you buy from QPSI, you’ll get verified and confirmed quality.


Make sure your OTC packaging is FDA compliant with QPSI services. With our range of certifications, we can guarantee that our products will meet your needs. Whether you require bottles, vials, pouches or blisters, we’ll provide certified products that meet all FDA regulations, introducing unmatched marketing and design practices to make your packaging attractive. Contact us online to learn more.